VMA 1.100 : O Mother! You will not neglect me

The Divine Mother in Sri Krishna's Land.

sakṛd api yadi dṛṣṭā hanta vṛndāṭavi tvaṁ
sakṛd api yadi rādhā-kṛṣṇa-nāmābhyadhāyi |
sakṛd api yadi bhaktyā sannatās tvat-prapannā
dhruvam ahaha tadā māmamba nopekṣitāsi ||
If I have even once
beheld you, O Vrindavan forest!
If I have even once
uttered the names of Radha and Krishna;
>If I even once bowed to you with devotion
and surrendered myself to you,
then it is most certain, O Mother,
that you will not neglect me.


Prabodhananda comes to the end of the first century, again calling out to Vrindavan as his mother, assuring us that Vrindavan will never abandon those she has adopted. How does she adopt you as her own and give you shelter?
  • The first thing is to just have seen her.
  • The second is to chant Radha and Krishna's names.
  • The third is to feel reverence for and to surrender to the Dham in prayer.
Do this and Vrindavan will, like a mother, never neglect you.

Thus ends the first century of Vṛndāvana-mahimāmṛta.

kvāsau rādhā nigama-padavī-dūragā kutra cāsau
kṛṣṇas tasyāḥ kuca-mukulayor antaraikānta-vāsaḥ |
kvāhaṁ tucchaḥ paramam adhamaḥ prāṇy aho garha-karmā
yat tan nāma sphurati mahimā hy eṣa vṛndāvanasya ||261||

How great is Radha,
whose glories are so far beyond the Vedas!
And how glorious is Krishna,
whose single abode is in the space between her breasts!
And how low am I, alas!
such a fallen creature addicted to sinful life!
If their names manifest on my lips,
it is only due to the glory of this land of Vrindavan. (RRSN 261)

vṛndāni sarva-mahatām apahāya dūrāt
vṛndāṭavīm anusara praṇayena cetaḥ |
rādhābhidhānam iha divya-nidhānam asti ||

O mind! Abandon all the greats from afar and follow [the path to] Vrindavan with love. There is in Vrindavan a divine treasure named Radha (or, the name "Radha" itself) which is an ocean of ambrosial nectar of the greatest love (mahā-bhāva) by which those who are devoted to truth (sat) will be delivered (tāraṇī-kṛta) (RRSN 9)

iti śrī-śrī-prabodhānanda-sarasvatī-gosvāmi-pāda-viracite
prathamaṁ śatakam


Prem Prakash said…
These posts have been wonderful. Overwhelmingly beautiful. I read a post, think of offering a comment, then while I am compiling my thoughts, a new post is presented. Such bounty. Please keep them coming.

Thank you so very much.
Jagadananda Das said…
Prema, your support has been of inestimable importance to me. I cannot tell you how nice it is to get positive feedback. Radhe Shyam.
Prem Prakash said…
There's a saying in politics that goes something like, "One letter = 100 votes." I have a hunch that my singular email is likelt representative of a lot of other's sentiments.

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