Acts of spontaneous kindness

I often wonder why I am here. In this place of work, I mean. After all, I reason, I am still here, and it is surely not the money! Well, OK, you have to live, but this was never a planned stop on the railway of my life.

I haven't found any grand, cosmic answers to my question, but there are a couple of small things going on. One of the sales representatives here has the romantic name of Bruno Santaguida, the "holy guide." A great name for a guru, I would think. What's in a name, you might ask. In Bruno's case, there definitely seems to be a meaningful connection.


Ashoka said…
Waiting for Godot
All are waiting for Godot you know
Pretend to be busy so as to show
For work and play show a taste
Godot comes then all is a waste!

Why not then wait and do nothing
No one works nor any salary bring?
Will there be food or crops be sown
Or hunger remain if Godot is known?

If this is His play then who is acting?
If He is acting then who is directing?
This play has to go on who says so?
Godot says, then how far do we go?

Think we are dreaming this life away
Everything seems to be so far away
Yet pain is real and hunger is urgent
Population growth, poverty rampant!

Why not then act instead and be busy?
To feed the hungry and not be so cosy:
Work sustains the world as we dream
Act with Love, effortless make it seem!!

Who is Godot now you tell me :)

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