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Krishna bhakti and community

I get regular mailings from the Pure Bhakti website of Narayan Maharaj's sangha. The last few days have been full of messages citing Narayan Maharaj's warnings about Ananta Das Baba. Today was the bouquet, as we say in French, as the headlined audio file was "Satsvarupa Goswami confirms Srila Narayan Maharaja saved him and others from Ananta Das Babaji."

So the Narayan Maharaj followers that were so condescending and critical of Satsvarupa and the other Iskcon leaders who flirted with defecting to their guru or taking instruction from him but then capitulated to institutional pressure, are now lionizing the very same man because "Narayan Maharaj saved him from Ananta Das Babaji," a fate worse than death for sure. Saved from what, exactly? Radha-dasya? Raganuga bhajan? Erotic adventures with Bengali widows in Radha Kund?

All this comes in the wake of the recent news that a sannyasi from Narayan Maharaj's sangha, Srila Vaishnava Maharaj, has g…

No Defense for Kripalu

Someone called my attention to a remark made on Gaudiya Repercussions by Brainiac, who has also posted to his blog, which I shall quote here:

Not sure the headline is truly reflective of Jagat's views since he directly said he wasn't defending Kripalu's abuses, but his comments are so equivocal that I don't blame anyone for thinking that way. I can't be the only one who thinks this, but it seems that Jagat should really stick to what he is good at: talking about rasa-shastra and such since he is an expert in that area. Every time he discusses something 'worldly', be it politics, science, religious abuses or even the weather, he seems to put his foot either in his mouth or in a big pile of doodoo. Sometimes I feel sorry for him because disagreement can be had in any area of discussion, but in this case I think he brought it on himself as his first statement was: "He was a great preacher of Radha's glories, of this there is no doubt."

I think …