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Another side of Bhaktivinoda Thakur 14: Ananga Manjari Samputika by Ramai Thakur

Anaṅga-mañjarī-sampuṭikā by Ramai Thakur

In the last chapter, Ramai Thakur's life story was told by his nephew-disciple Rajaballabha Goswami. In this chapter, Ramai will tell about his Gurudevi Ananga Marjari’s various tattva and rati lila with Shyamasundar. Now, because a sure way to know about Ramai, Jahnava, and Ananga Manjari is to hear from someone closely related to them, Muralī-vilāsa and Anaṅga-mañjarī-sampuṭikā are certainly authentic shastras. A samputika is a treasure chest, as this book is full of the unique treasures of Jahnava Mata's tattvas.

We may also note that Bhaktivinoda Thakur made a hand written copy of the Sampuṭikā’s original manuscript, that Sundarananda Vidyavinoda later made into a book and published, and is the version we are using.

Since Bhaktivinoda took the trouble to hand copy this invaluable text, Vaishnavas can now read it. It will, however, be most appreciated by his close followers.

The First Wave : Analyzing the Śakti

Ramai begins with Vri…

Another side of Bhaktivinoda 13: The glories of Ramai Thakur

In chapters 13 ,14, and 15 our guru puja yatra in Goloka Nabadwip will take a brief rest so that we can hear about three Gaura parshads who lead Thakur Bhaktivinoda's guru parampara: they are Ramai Thakur, Jahnava Thakurani, and Vamsivadan Thakur. This chapter will present a study of Ramai Thakur's life that his nephew-disciple Rajaballabha Goswami tells in Muralī-vilāsa. As Ramai is nitya-siddha, it is not surprising that Rajaballabha became kṛpā-siddha by his sanga and blessings

Muralī-vilāsa's Story

To learn about Ramai, we will first need to know something about Vamsivadan, since Ramai is Vamsi's second avatar. Hence Muralī-vilāsa begins with this mangalacharan:

jagad-ākarṣiṇī śaktir nitya-prema-svarūpiṇī
tvaṁ vamśīvadanānanda vande tvāhaṁ jagad-guro |
śrī-caitanya-priyatamas tadīya-prema-vigrahaṁ
vande tac-caraṇāmbhoja-makaranda-pipāsayā ||
The Vamshi is Krishna's nitya-prema-svarūpiṇī, and her divine shakti produces a melodious vibration that enchants the whol…