Monday, June 12, 2017

Update from Birnagar

I have been in Birnagar since the beginning of the month. I was hoping to give a regular Bhakti Sandarbha class, but that has not materialized and perhaps will not.

I was cleaning the room where I am staying and found these two photos from 1980 that seem to have been lost. They were ravaged by humidity and have been restored by a friend. The restoration could perhaps be done better for the second picture, but it was more damaged than the other, so the task was difficult.

I first met Sri Lalita Prasad Thakur in 1975, met him again in early 1978 and then several times in 1979 and 1980, staying for several weeks at a time. Then not long before Prabhu left the world, I went to Vrindavan, so I was actually in Govardhan when he ended his worldly pastime.

Harigopal Dasji was reminiscing yesterday in the car as we drove to an engagement in Dhatri Gram. Doctors wanted to give him cataract removal surgery when he was 94, and he refused because he did not want to take any injections. He said, "I have never take an injection in my life, I am not going to start now. Anyway, what do I have left to see in this world?"

Apparently Prabhu never took allopathic medicine in his entire life. He self-medicated with homeopathy. But on the very last day, when Prabhu was not responding to questions, in a state of samadhi, the doctor proposed an injection and asked the disciples, who agreed. But Prabhu remained unconscious until he let out a final gasp five hours later.