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Snippets of Bhava

These are some notes on the word bhāva as it appears in the BRS and UN, compiled while I was working on Mādhurya-kādambinī. They were originally posted a few years ago on Gaudiya Discussions and the now defunct Wise Wisdoms site. Somewhat modified and updated here.

prāyo dvividha evāyaṁ bhāvo dvividhānāṁ bhaktānāṁ dvividha-cid-vāsanā-sanātheṣu hṛdayeṣu sphuran dvividhāsvādyatvaṁ bhajate, ghana-rasa iva rasāla-panasekṣu-drākṣādiṣu praviṣṭaḥ pṛthak-pṛthaṅ-mādhuryavattvaṁ bhajate .
When this bhāva, which is usually of these two types, enters into the hearts of the two kinds of devotees (vaidha and rāgānugā), which are ruled by two different kinds of transcendental desire, it is relished in two different ways. It can be compared to the water (ghana-rasa) that enters various kinds of fruit—mangoes, jackfruit, sugarcane or grapes—but takes on a different flavor in each of them. (Mādhurya-kādambinī 7.4) The point being: Vishwanath seems to be saying, nay emphasizing, that bhāva, being of the…