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Jive Daya Natakam

Well, it's about time I wrote something on the blog. I started a "what am I doing right now #2" more than a month ago, thinking that the particular side trip I was on would not last much longer. It did, and I really need to complete that thought... sometime. Trouble is that by now I have moved on to several other things and haven't been directly inspired to write on the blog. And that in itself is a subject worth blogging about... sometime.

We have been having our "Christmas break" at Jiva, which is the time when we usually have a group of students from Rutgers University come and spend a couple of weeks taking introduction to Hinduism courses with Babaji. Something possessed me to write a Sanskrit play for my students. We have been working on it during the break and presented it on Jiva Goswami's disappearance day on Jan. 9. It was a lot of fun and I was overjoyed and honored that the students made such an enthusiastic effort.

So for the record, I am …