Malati Devi Unwell

I am sad to learn that Malati Devi, the wife of Madhavananda Dasji, has apparently fallen seriously ill and been taken to the hospital for an operation. Unfortunately, Madhavananda has not been answering emails, probably due to preoccupation with taking care of her, and as I am not in contact with anyone who can provide me more information, I cannot pass anything more than this along.

I had the opportunity to spend time with Madhavananda and Malati in Radha Kunda a couple of years ago and they are as sweet a couple of devotees as God has had the good grace to place on this earth. Malati's constitution has always been delicate and the two of them kept to a diet that was ascetic and frugal. I know that Radharani has enveloped both Madhava and Malati in her love and has much service planned for them both. I pray with all sincerity that Malati quickly recovers and returns to serving Gaur and Nitai and the Divine Couple in Radha Kund.

Jai Parama Karunamayi Sri Radhe!


Anonymous said…
I read about Malati being sick the other day on Vraja Journal, I certainly hope she gets better, my prayers go out to them both!
Please see
for status on Malatilata.
She is on the mend.
Radhe Radhe!
Jagadananda Das said…
I checked out Madhava's blog. I really am behind in the news. But he has not been giving any updates for the last two weeks. Hopefully, no news is good news.

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