Friday, August 25, 2006

Several shorts

Call this the flute’s fault, or call it his name,
Call it his form, or my own past fate;
Call it God if you will—still this flame
burns not with ecstasy, but with pain.


A little heroism, Arjun,
a little less moping in corners.
Wherever heroes die,
there are always joyful mourners.

(From GD)


The Moguls come, the Moguls go.
The British come, the British go.
We take the best and leave the rest.
We still eat curry, our women wear sari,
We live real close and arrange to marry.
So East’s part East and now part West,
That’s globalizing at its best.

Based on a quote by Jerry Rao. (CEO of MphasiS) quoted in The World is Flat by Thomas Friedman.


The brain and the heart had a fight
that lasted a day and a night.
The heart said, "It's dawn,"
the brain looked forlorn
and said, "I still can't see any light."


Our Sri Roopah is soopah doopah.
If you don't like her,
You're a bheng in a koopah.

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