First week of Bhakti Tirtha courses completed Classes at Jiva Institute

I have not talked much about current events in my life on this blog of late.

Mahamuni Dasji and Advaitadasji have been giving excellent introductory lectures to Nyaya-sutras and Yoga-sutras respectively. And of course Babaji gave his introduction to Sanskrit. We have a good group of students. Unfortunately Advaita and Mahamuni will only be here teaching for three weeks.

Any English speaker in the area who is tempted by a crash course in these two subjects is well advised to attend. Jai Radhe.

So we have completed one week of classes at Jiva and are part way through the second week. I am pretty happy with my own classes. We completed the four essential verses of the Sandarbhas, which gave me the opportunity to give an overview of Jiva Goswami's philosophy seen from the end-point rather than working through from the beginning.

For me, giving daily classes is challenging. And with people of great learning and enthusiasm in the audience increases the challenge. But it also seems to be bringing all the classes by all the teachers to a very high standard. But the students are delighted with the other teachers as well.

I encourage anyone in the area to come to the morning session from 10-1 (Mon-Fri) where Sanskrit, Yoga-sutra and Nyaya are being taught. After Nov. 7, the schedule will change, but Gopala Champu will continue at 5 p.m. Classes are free and open to all, though the courses might present difficulties to those who are not regularly participating or learning Sanskrit.


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