Lovers, Mothers and Fathers

Just like the male guru is the new father, the female guru is the new mother. Mothers and fathers don't operate in the same way. We men are obliged to forget what motherhood is when it is time to become men. And because we are obliged to forget that vital part of our character, we do not know women. And even when we love a woman, we don't see her or recognize her.

We men dance like fools or prattle our knowledge like drunken professors, and we can't stop performing.... 

What I mean is that men are always the benighted vishaya. They always want to be the center of attention. Their mothers loved them and they think other women should too. They have no concept of what it means to be the ashraya of love. And they have to do a lot of work to overcome that wall of ignorance.

So Mahaprabhu wailed. And Krishna finally got the message. You need to understand Radharani by entering into her soul. That is what lovemaking is all about.


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