Monday, April 27, 2009

Prince Charles Meets Pope Benedict

Andrew Brown's blog on the Guardian is about the difference in the Anglican and Roman Catholic Church. He makes interesting points about the vision of women in the two Christian denominations. After discussing Henry VIII, who had several of his wives beheaded (since divorce was not allowed) for not bearing him a son. The following paragraph puts the matter succinctly:

The point, for the heads of global religions, is that you cannot have a sexual morality which fits both sides of the demographic divide. Either sex is primarily about children or it is primarily about love. The Anglican communion has ripped itself to bits about this; although it accepted contraception early and without much fuss, and came to terms with divorce when it became obvious that this was the only way to keep women members, the implication of sex being primarily an expression of love ends up with gay people being able to love each other sexually, and the traditionalists won't stand for that while the churches in the developed world won't, ultimately, settle for anything less.

But Brown's conclusions, though astute, are unexpected. Basically, hypocrisy is not a bad policy. It's less divisive in the long run. Now, is that possible?


j for f said...

What about the third reason to indulge in fantastic sex ?

Fun !

Sex without procreation and without love can be lots of fun.

Jagat said...

May I recommend the following post:
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