Like leaves to the ground


sadā rādhā-kṛṣṇocchalad-atula-khelā-sthala-yujaṁ
vrajaṁ santyajyaitad yuga-virahito’pi truṭim api |
punar dvārāvatyāṁ yadu-patim api prauḍha-vibhavaiḥ
sphurantaṁ tad-vācāpi ca na hi calāmīkṣitum api ||

Even if I am separated
from my beloved Lord and Lady
for an eon,
I will not abandon this land of Braj,
the site of their overflowing, unequalled play,
even for a moment.

No, I will not leave,
not even if the Lord of Dwarka,
with all his bloated opulences,
invites me himself.

I will not go
to even see what he looks like.

I won't.


gatonmādai rādhā sphurati hariṇā śliṣṭa-hṛdayā
sphuṭaṁ dvārāvatyām iti yadi śṛṇomi śruti-taṭe |
tadāhaṁ tatraivoddhata-mati patāmi vraja-purāt
samuḍḍīya svāntādhika-gati-khagendrād api javāt ||

But yes, should I ever get wind
that Radha has completely lost her mind
and departed for Dwarka town,
and I hear rumors that she
is clinging fast to Krishna's chest,

in less than a moment I'll make up my mind,
I'll fly from Braj to join her,
traveling faster even than Garuda,
faster than the wind,
faster than the speed of mind.


the burden of separation became so heavy
that Radha fled the confines of Braj
where even the Yamuna's black waters
had become like molten tar.

But when she came dressed in rags
to the gates of Dwarka,
the Prince could spare not even one
of his sixteen thousand forms
to see her.

That is the power of the queens,
who think such kindnesses
will help Radha find peace
in forgetfulness.


And Krishna's words,
shouted from the palace tower
as Radha became tiny in the distance,

"I swear, there are only
a few more demons to destroy,
only a bit of Bhumi's burden
remains to be removed,"

fluttered like leaves to the ground
in the breezeless air.

Sanskrit verses from Raghunath Das Goswami, Svayam-sankalpa-stotram).


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