I just had to blog this

I am reading Eric Berne's Beyond Games and Scripts, as I believe I already mentioned earlier. I can't help quoting the following passage, as it makes me think of George Bush and wrong religion in general.

I'm OK, you're not OK. I'm a prince, you're a frog. This is the "get rid of" position. These are the people who play "Blemish" as a pastime, a game, or a deadly procedure. They are the ones who sneer at their spouses, send their children to juvenile hall, and fire their friends and retainers. They start crusades and sometimes war, and sit in groups finding fault with their real or imagined inferiors or enemies. This is the "arrogant" position, at worst a killer's, and at best a meddler's, for people who make it their business to help the "not-OK others" with things they don't want to be helped with. But for the most part it is a position of mediocrities and clinically it is paranoid. (p. 193)


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