Religious studies 546

I have been a bit negligent in resuming the results of my teaching experience. I was rather hoping to start developing a text book that could be used in teaching such a course, using my interaction with the students as a source of inspiration. But I am a free molecule, being batted around in the atmosphere, and it seems that no one's will power is more at the mercy of events than mine. So Jiva Goswami and the Prema Vilasa bounced all these good intentions onto the back burner. A back burner that is so full of worthwhile endeavors that it seems the world will starve without them... At least Krishna on the altar will starve for lack of finished offerings.

Today is the last course. My students will be taking a short vocabulary quiz. Then we will have to go over the post 16th century material in half the normal course time. Totally impossible. I will try to post the readings for the last three courses on line in a couple of days and add a few comments to illustrate the directions the discussions took.

But the principal directions I will be taking in the next few weeks are completing work on Gadadhar Pran's Govinda-lilamrita, which I have had in my possession for almost two years now, and his "What Did Mahaprabhu Come to Give" article. So look here for excerpts from those two texts over the next little while.

Jai Radhe!


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