Love, Loss and the Self

My dear friends. Radhe Radhe!

Anne and I both appreciate the positive vibrations and sentiments coming from you all [in response to posts on Facebook about Pavel]. In circumstances like this, it takes solidarity from the living to give one the will to continue.

That is the practical social reality for the living. But Krishna says one should lament neither for the living nor the dead. Of course Pavel is still alive, in this form or another, because once having existence, the soul never loses it. He is simply visible to us physically or not.

In actual fact, I have long thought about love in this world and the next. The Upanishads and the Bhagavatam tell us that we love others because of ourselves. We are self-centered and so others' value is measured in how much pleasure they give us. And we call that pleasure love.

But what we don't know is that it is actually the presence of the Self in every individual that attracts us, is revealed to us, and that is the true thing that gives us pleasure. We are revealed to ourselves through the objects of our love. The degree to which that happens is the measure of our love.

But ultimately that Self is Krishna, the real, true existential object of our love, which is only partially reflected in our worldly loving relations. At times like this, it is necessary to transfer that love to Him and to His universal presence. We are only truly revealed to ourselves by loving Him. This is how we make our love eternal.

It is heartwarming to know that one has so many friends around the world who feel the pain that Anne and I feel. This certainly deepens my faith in a God of Love and the community of faith and practice. It inspires me to continue serving you through continuing to explore this path of Ultimate Good, sharing my study and experience, however trivial in God's eyes, with all of you. Jai Radhe. 

Circumstances are a bit awkward for me and I am very reluctant for numerous reasons to go back to Canada. It has been 14 years now since I left home. Nevertheless, there are special relations in this world and even divorce and separation cannot fully erase the vows one makes to help and support one's spouse. The pain of Pavel's loss, or the joy of his being found alive and well, can only be truly shared by both parents. So I have made my decision to go to Canada for a while and see if I can be of any spiritual service to her.

For that purpose I am now engaged in collecting funds for my travel, etc., for which I am estimating a minimum need for US$ 2000, perhaps a little more. Some friends have already volunteered to contribute, but I humbly invite my other well-wishers to give further assistance. I thank everyone who does so in advance.

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