A video about my fulfilling one of Prabhupada's last desires

This video was filmed very nicely and professionally by Radha Madhava Das. I am not particularly eloquent, but it gave me a chance to speak of what I consider a very important experience in my spiritual life.


Dr.Manoj Kumar said…
Very nice.inspired..
Anonymous said…
yes that is true, but pls. do not forget Prabhupada is still famous for his unsocial speech, like "yes she is also intelligent, she knows how to cook rice" of course they all argue, for the sake of preaching. unfortunately this is going on still in these days, actually this vaisnavism turned more into a philosophy of illusion. It goes so far that vaisnavas do not feel others, can not have empathies for others, and what comes out, you got a vrindavan, full of nasty things going on, and some nice things, too. I do not know any place in this world, where millions of tourist visit a place, that even comes close to the degraded activities and state we can also observe in vrindavan.I know... it is not this vrindavan of krsna lila, in other words they actually say, it is a illusion. I guess this people lost sight of reality and turned into voidism. I guess the Caitanya cult is lost.
Anonymous said…
whats the video about ?
Anonymous said…
Anon said: "What's the video about?"

Anon replied: Its an "Action movie"...

Thought, desire and action are as three slaves shackled together, when one is brought out into the light of One's intellect the other two are always sure to follow.

Is this not true Sri Jagadananda Das?

In truth, One needs no rhetorical answer to this question.

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