"It is not about you, it's about the children"

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I was told by a friend that "it is not about you, but about the children."

I accept that as a true critique. I would probably have ignored this film if I had not been accused personally of being responsible for Bhavananda's actions, of all things.

And if there were no residual guilt, I would not have felt it necessary to open my heart publicly.
The fact is that my putting my admission of guilt in the public eye is precisely I want it to be known, by those who may think me wise, my lack of wisdom.

More than that, it is an appeal to those who were affected by my actions to know that I am deeply sorry and that I pray for them. Even so many years later.

However, I am not going to jettison my philosophical principles, based on my belief in the great mercy of Guru, by which I can spend even a second's time in Vrindavan.

That is my own experience and I believe that Vrindavan is a glorious mine of prem diamonds. I have seen their reflections.

But isn't this about the children and the pain they suffered? It is not about you rolling in the dust of Vrindavan and dreamily saying Radhe Shyam, playing at being an advanced sadhu, trolling for disciples.

This is the question: How can the suffering of those who were abused, and yes, even of those who did the abusing, be cured? What is the solution?
The only solution I can see is for me to offer them my treasure.

The solution is love. It is the only possible solution. But in order to love, you must also become Love.

The healing of the disease of non-love can only be eradicated by Love. Nothing else.

But to have the power and wisdom to eradicate non-Love, first you must become Love.

That may sound like some kind of new-age gobbledy-gook, but I am dead serious. I am talking about the culture of prema through sadhana. And the healing can only take place through the learning and teaching of real sadhana.

Real sadhana can only be communicated by someone who is a real sadhaka. So you must be a sadhaka. Whether you are a sinner or a victim of sin. And who does not know that these are ultimately one and the same thing? Those are the starting places for everyone.

The abused is the abuser. The abuser is ever abused. And so it goes.

I am not going to belabor what it means to be a sadhaka. Because it is a lifetime of learning to find out what it means. The sadhana of prema is never perfected.

So I am sorry. I know that my apologies mean little. And indeed I want to apologize not just for my own failures, but for every sin and every sinner who ever lived, because until they are forgiven the evil they did will not die, for them or for anyone else.

The only way to counter evil is through prema. And prema is dependent on mercy.

Whose mercy? The premi devotee's mercy.

And humility is the key to prema.

And self examination is the key to humility.

And the Holy Name is the lifeblood of this process.

Drink deep of the Holy Name my friends,but don't sin on the strength of chanting.

Jai Radhe!


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