Maybe it is time for a domestic war

Tweet from Trump: "Bernie Sanders is lying when he says his disruptors aren't told to go to my events. Be careful Bernie, or my supporters will go to yours!"

Why the hell should the Arabs have all the fun? Why don't we have a war at home? I thought war is such a good thing we are always exporting it. Why not develop the domestic market? Let's reap the benefits of all our good works and have us some jolly little brownshirts and blackshirts rioters fighting it out in the streets of our cities. Summer’s here and the time is right...

We could burn down neighborhoods and stuff like that too. Why the hell not? Our police are armed to the teeth with tanks and even drones, why shouldn't they get to bloody use their toys without fear of being video’d? Or why not video it and become a reality TV cop? Or a reality TV rioter? Why is it only on TV and video games and drone operator offices that you get to spray bullets into target rich targets? And surely all those Clive Bundy wannabes are ready to play! The opportunities are endless!

We all knew the proles would eventually start to get a little annoyed with their shitty lives and so we prepared ourselves. We built our barricaded castles and dressed our cops in a way that makes them look like they are out of a Star Wars set, or from the Terminator or Robocop or whatever it is that policing has become in this age of efficiency, Why not get them out there water canoning some dirty hippies and bikers?

Everyone’s itching for it. Everyone says "fuck" a whole lot — especially if you are a comedian! And everyone thinks it is cool to be angry and pissed off all the time. To think that everyone is an asshole.

Those pundit commentators are right: They should have seen this coming. But it was only Trump who caught the wave and saw what an economic opportunity it all could mean!

Some pundis say that it is that from the time of Nixon we have been moving in this direction, some say it was Reagan, others point to other starting points in other presidencies. But it is not just this or that president, it is much older than that, it used to be called "progress"; and it seems that we are finally beginning to see what all our accumulated progress is doing to us all.

Wasn't this sudden appeal to mass violence inevitable? What is surprising really is that it hasn't happened for so long. It is the sheer increased velocity of life in this century, its relentless demands, and its sheer drudgery that are finally working all this magic.

For progress: Thy name is efficiency! Humanity shall be timewatched and productivity charted to death.

One part of that efficiency is its mastery violence, its efficient wielding of the instruments of control and coercion. Which in no small part includes factory farms that turn life forms, living conscious creatures into economic units, to be fattened and slaughtered without mercy for the sake of economic development of the one and for the contamination of the minds of the rest. May vampire blood course through clogged arteries.

No wonder then that we so love our guns. No wonder that we have so many among us who think that we need them all the time, wherever we go, for who knows what danger lurks? There could be ghosts needing busting in them there woods!

Indeed there are: Ghosts are our sins. The sins of a nation also accumulate. The sins of slavery. The sins perpetrated in the name of global domination. We all partakes in them. But like a cancer metastizing, they affects each part of the society differently. Some people think you can shoot your sins. There are more of them, and they have a lot of guns.

And yes, part of the illusion is to think these things are our strengths! The darkness of ignorance is to see things exactly the opposite to the way they are. And so we are proud to be the toughest, greatest, beatinguppest nation there ever was, coz we are the saviors of the benighted heathens from all the evilest evils that anti-capitalism could ever throw at them. And now thank God, Satan has revealed himself in the Muslim so we can all do battle again. Send the 7th Cavalry off to the Crusades! It is epic! It is Biblical!

Another major part of that wonderful modern efficiency has come from managing the populace into a fairly comfortable majority that is insulated from all the worst of material discomfort. They don’t see the violence but they reap its rewards. They are docile and efficient during the day, and they get nicely indoctrinated at night. They learn what reality is from their infotainments. With just the right amount of sex and drugs to dull the acuteness of the boredom.

The only excitement most people get in their lives is the safe kind — totally vicarious — and yet they are almost entirely devoid of interiority…

Pressures of identity thus become start to become more and more acute with every passing day. No one has any idea of who the hell they are or what they are for, they just have their nicely decorated image built for a world that changes so fast it barely exists at all. Why the hell not be gender fluid? Identity confusion as a way of being. I guess it makes sense in a very weird sort of way. The logical end of deconstruction, but not necessarily in your harmonious Buddhist sort of way. To say the least.

In short, like Trump says, weak! No mettle!

So we should have a war right here in the homeland after all. Share the wealth as it were. And it’s good for the heart. Gets the blood circulating… Increases testosterone. No down side. Shake things up. Make America great again.


Anonymous said…
War is simply business by other means:

"Diversity is 'our' strength"
Oded Yinen Plan said…

Dear Jagadananda Das,

Perhaps yourself and your readers may wish to watch this documentary:

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