Erased a few comments by mistake

I just erased a few comments by mistake. Subrata, Darwin and one other. I am really sorry. There is no retrieval of lost comments in a trash bin, so I cannot recover them. I am spacing out due to inactivityon this blog.


darwin said…
I always save a copy of these things. I think its cool to put it back here instead of the original place. The snow is totally insane now in Boston and I have various obsessions and addictions with shoveling and packing it. I was just looking out the window after having spent an hour and a half shoveling just for fun. I was looking at at the guys with construction equipment putting snow into trucks to take away and I worried for a second they might take the part of my pile that's in the street. I realize I am actually starting to hoard snow. Here is the comment:

You have an ego to intellectually comprehend and explain or point the way. But you are not the best or even anything when it comes to doing this as even when you understand this you must put that too (sentence not complete or didn't work but I will just put this comment in instead of editing and redoing it) and tie the whole thing down for a while for you to rest from having to always be following and looking. But you are at your best (Like now, right? The Prisni you referred to in an earlier blog entry is the Prisni of our internet discussion forums of the past?) like a child who asks questions about the world while fully projecting their own understanding and patterns onto any answer, like taking some materials and tools and handing them to their teacher to make something. But all this is actually good. It is all tied up with your personal blind spot (my theory that we all have, and need, one maybe) but when you are flowing correctly this is how you are supposed to be. I think you are supposed to give us a window into old Sanskrit writings and maybe help us communicate back with three or four paragraphs of perfect translation/interpretations of our writing. Me and Prisni definitely.

The females you have debated have a Jungian Shadow. I mean really serious and wonderful. And you never saw it. It just shows again what I mean I think. I think you are supposed to do the Sanskrit. Like you said before its all closing down even the Sanskrit department in that university in Pakistan and no one will pay you guys and you can only do it if you love it and nurture your ego with encouragement like this I am doing here. And for language isn't it like being a kid making the adults around you proud a big part of what keeps you going and that's the natural way?

And yes strengthening the back and fixing sitting and the bad posture. Its like our one commonality we all share. Our ISKCON original sin. Keep hitting it really hard like you are doing now using high levels of ego and willpower and prepare it to self perpetuate later with actual enjoyment and a natural fear of stopping steered by moderate everyday willpower. Its got to be addictive like running at the levels you are doing it after 4 or 6 months. Be humble in injury.

Its 22 degrees Fahrenheit, about -5 Celsius here and Boston and another snow storm coming tonight.

--- darwin

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