American brothers and sisters! Vote for the human being in this election.

There are three kinds of people: the authoritarian followers, who are sheep. The social dominators, who are like wolves. And the autonomous thinkers, who are real human beings.

There are two kinds of wolves, those in sheep's clothing, and those that are openly predatory, the naked wolves. Sheep follow irregardless.

There are two kinds of society, those that are run by the wolves and those run by the human beings. Wolves prefer fascisms and dictatorships of whatever kind. If there is democracy, the wolves try to usurp it. It will be saved by the human beings.

Oh American brothers and sisters! Vote for the human being in this election. Fight back. Take back your country. Don't give into cynicism. Push for hope and real human society. The only hope is for human beings to act.

Too many people have become cynical and think that Obama and Romney, the Democrats and the Republicans are exactly the same, puppets for the real global masters, the Military Industrial Complex, but they are wrong. The difference is day and night.

Being president of the United States is a hugely difficult task. There are many impediments and it is quite correct to point out the dominance of the MIC. And there is indeed truth in the feeling that the Democratic party has become supine and spineless over the last 30 years, giving in to wolves, or being themselves wolves in sheep's clothing.

But Obama is not one of them. Voting for him is a move in the right direction. You just can't expect this frigging mess to turn around in a day. You have to start somewhere. And in a democracy, you do so by making your voice heard.

America is a sick society. Half the population is really a stewing pile of ignorance. And it is not atheism, homosexuality or abortion that are the basis of this sickness, believe me. Most atheists are far more humane, realistic and wise than the so-called Christians and their "family values" and "moral majorities." Indeed, because the true Christian values of charity and cooperation are genuine human values, I see more true Christians among the atheists than amongst those who beat drums and declaim from the pulpits.

You may find it strange that someone who believes strongly in individual morality, religion and spirituality, etc., would say that, but it is true. Because the so-called moral majority is the most hypocritical group of deceptive powermongers the United States has. Wolves in sheep's clothing.

They speak one thing, but their purpose is opposed to genuine Christianity. The new dispensation of the Sermon on the Mount is not their main teaching, but the repressive legalism of the Old Testament. A pox on them all.

Let people practice their religion in freedom, but those who wish to impose their religion on the entire society are misguided. Let them show through the examples of love and tolerance the very things that Christ was teaching and spread their message that way. But to create a religious fascism in cooperation with, of all things, Randian social Darwinism, is really a marriage created in Hell.

Ayn Rand is the spokesperson for the naked wolves. And though Mitt Romney can't seem to make up his mind whether he is a naked wolf or a wolf in sheep's clothing, his sidekick is as naked a wolf as e'er there was.

God save us from the Christian fundamentalists. God save us from the antisocial Randian so-called conservatives. God save the world from the Republican party.

Listen to what Obama says and hold his feet to the fire. Make him live up to his words. And give him a Congress and a Senate that will help change American corporatist fascism and pseudo democracy back into the ideal that it originally intended to be. Vote for Obama and prevent the Republicans from creating a Supreme Court that will instill their demoniac corporatist values for another generation. Use what is left of your democracy to move back to democracy.

Give up your cynicism and do the needful.

Start from the position of what is right and then ask what is possible. Voting for Obama is not the final answer. How can it be when the United States is in such a far gone state of disease? Nevertheless, Obama stands for something, at least in words.

So start there, from a principle. People are meant to cooperate. Society is about working together for the common good. The vision of a human jungle with a few lions feeding on the antelopes is not one that is progressive. Progress is in cooperation and the giving of opportunity. That is the progressive ideal. That is the Democratic ideal at its best. Even if this principle is betrayed due to weakness, cowardice or incompetence, it still remains the ideal. Vote for the ideal and then insist that it be upheld. That is the correct path in a democracy. And Obama has said it himself.

If you cannot tell the difference between the vulture or vampire capitalist Mitt Romney and Obama, whose roots are in social service and activism, your brain really has been fried by the conspiracy theorists.


Anonymous said…
Amen, brother.
Sorry obama is a murderer & support GMOS bankers and drones that kill the sastra- they are all rakshashas!
Jagadananda Das said…
I do not want to spend too much time on this subject as this is not the purpose of the blog.

The American political system is seriously defective, and so one has to choose between the lesser of two evils. Obama has inherited an entrenched system that favors the military industrial complex.

If you think that there is ANYONE who can turn this around in the twinkle of an eye, you are a sad dreamer.

But in terms of voting in the election, which comes down to a choice between the lesser of two evils, there is really no choice. Romney was and is a lackey of the billionaires who funded him, like Sheldon Adelson and the Koch brothers. If you think those guys are better than Obama, vote for them. Romney = Karl Rove, Dick Cheney, Robert Bolton and the host of Republican vultures and vampires.

I stand by my position. Obama was the human being in this election, and I am glad he won. Now, for God's sakes, will Americans keep pushing for modern civilization? Will they find a way to humanize America and its role in the world?

If you sit back and let them do whatever they want, the demons will run the show. They always do.
Steve said…
Obama, as we see now, was the wrong choice. And from the outset this was obvious; Obama was born into an America-hating Marxist family and community. His father was a Stalinist Marxist, his mother an America hating socialist hippie who worked for the communist party in Hawaii and Indonesia. His mentor during his adolescent years was Franklin Davis, a communist activist, avowed America hater and amateur pornographer. Obama is a neo-Marxist whose aim has been to subvert the American revolution of Washington, Jefferson and Adams and supplant it with the Communist revolution of Marx, Lenin and Che. He is a personality disordered narcissist who is delivering
America and the world to a totalitarian hell.

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