Friday, February 05, 2010

Global Kirtan

Here are a couple of photos from the January 30 kirtan at Keshi Ghat. The high point for me certainly came with Shyam Das's kirtan after the arti ceremony itself. A very sophisticated and moving performance, done under the lights, with floating deepas speckling the darkness in the background. It felt like a campfire, but very intimate and very transcendental, with a small but enthusiastic group in the audience.

There were many participants, including a very enthusiastic kirtan led by Deenabandhuji. Another patented Ahindra kirtan. On the whole a very enjoyable day. Krishnadevata Dasi organized the global kirtan at more than 230 sites around the world.

Things are quieting down a bit, as expected, but I hope that the concern for Vrindavan's future will not abate.

Many people were walking through Keshi Ghat on parikrama, as this was one of the Kumbha Mela Shahi Snanas. Some of them stopped to listen and enjoy the kirtan.

Paramadvaiti Maharaj is the steadiest and most consistent voice for sanity in Gaudiya Vaishnavism, at least from the social and institutional standpoint. His disciples are committed, humble and enthusiastic. A great credit to him and I offer them all my obeisance.

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