Thursday, August 13, 2009


On special request, I am posting a picture of Krishna, the attractor of Srimati Radharani, on the occasion of his birthday.

jayati jananivāso devakī-janma-vādo
yaduvara-pariṣhat svair dorbhir asyann adharmam
sthira-cara-vrijina-ghnaḥ susmita-śrī-mukhena
vraja-pura-vanitānāṁ vardhayan kāma-devam

May the Lord who is the abode of every living being, and yet is said to have taken birth in Devaki Mata's womb, be ever glorified. His companions are the best of the Yadus, and with his powerful arms, he throws off the manifestations of irreligion. He destroys the miseries of the moving and non-moving creatures with his sweetly smiling face. And he does so while increasing the erotic desires of the queens of Dvaraka and the gopis of Braj. (10.90.48)


dr.jaya said...

puJjI bhUtam prema gopAnganAnAm
mUrtI bhUtam bhAgadeyam yadUnAm
ekI bhUtam guptavittaM zrutInAm
zyAmI bhUtam brahma me sannidhAtta

Jaya Radha-ramana giridhari!
Giridhari shyama banavari!

Satya devi dasi said...

Translation, please?

Jagat said...

May that black form of the Godhead who is the heaped up prema of the Gopis, the personified form of the Yadus' (can be either cowherds or the princely dynasty of Mathura) good fortune, the single essence of the secret wealth of the Upanishads, appear before me.

Something like that. Nice.

Anonymous said...

Thank you dr. Jaya for starting the comments here with such a nice prayer. Thanks Jagat for translating. Wonderful photo, and wodnerful verses, both. Radharamanji is the princely Thakurji of Vrindavan. He makes our hearts tremble. Our eyes moisten. Giridhari Shyama banavari!

dr.jaya said...

Glad you liked. When I saw no comments for the beautifully standing 'Thakur ji', felt like adding a few nice verse.
apaharati mano me ko'pyayam kRSNa cauraH
praNata durita cauraH pUtanA prANa cauraH
valaya vasana cauro bAla gopIjanAnAM
nayana hRdaya cauraH pazyatAM sajjanAnAM

Even my heart is stolen by the unique Dark Thief,
Who kindly steals all the accumulated sins
of the surrendered souls,
Who skillfully stole the life-breath of Putana,
Who has naughtily stolen the garments and ornaments
of young maiden gopis of Vraja,
Who cleverly steals away the heart as well as the eyes of those blessed souls who visualize Him!

Jaya Radhe!