Saturday, March 21, 2009

Radha nama.

Sitting here working on Bhagavat-sandarbha and listening to Gaurava Krishna Goswami singing the "Radha Nama sange Braja 84 kos yatra" which I mentioned before. The track lasts 45 minutes, so you have to be kind of addicted to Radha's name to listen to it, but I don't find it all monotonous. In fact, I want to play it over and over. It's a real pick-me-up, a real upper.

This really awakens nostalgia for Vrindavan.

Sri Yamunaji ki laharen bole Sri Radha Radha!
Vrindavan karkata bole Sri Radha Radha !

Brahma kund men (Radhe Radhe),
Gopishwar men (Radhe Radhe), ...

He goes through all the places on the 84 kos parikrama. Several refrains...

hamaro dhana radha sri radha sri radha,
parama dhana radha radha radha radha radha!
jivana dhana radha radha radha radha radha!

Bhaja mana sri radhe gopal !

There are some hokey special effects, like echo and reverb, but they manage to work, somehow.

I was just reading in Osho's commentary to Gita 4 where he says that first-time lovers feel they are experiencing something for the first in the universe, ever. Well, I am feeling like that right now listening to Radha's name. Like, what is everyone missing?

Especially when I read those atheists on Guardian Comment is Free. What cocktail of bile, and bitter melon are these people consuming when they get up in the morning? I kind of don't blame them when you think of what passes for religion in most of the world. But Prabhupada had it right: Chant, dance and be happy! That is sahaja!!

Communicating this... It HAS to be possible. Am I crazy or am I really in some kind of special ecstasy that most of the world is missing? People have this ego that makes them insist everything is alright, or at least put up a front for the world to see, "I'm O.K., You're O.K."

I really think I should give Ma Seva a copy of this CD. Radhe Radhe Radhe Varsanewali Radhe...

I have to include a picture here. But I want to offer my obeisances to Shyamarani. Everybody is stealing her pictures all over Braj and everywhere. She gets no compensation, not even a word of gratitude from any of these "copylefters" as someone put it recently. Anyway, I at least want to say that I appreciate her bhava and her service. Shata koti dandavats.

OK, I am out of here. Off to the Ganga for my Sunday walk. I am changing rooms today. Radhe Radhe!!


Subrata said...

Gaurav's song is really beautiful. It is more beautiful to do a braja parikrama with that song..

The fantastic tune always plays in the mind…
Sri Radha Radha aaaaa.. Sri Radha Raaadha..Sri Radha Radha

Have you heard the Bhagavata path of his father Mridul Kridhna Goswami ji. That is also really beautiful and simple.

Suren said...

Hmm, is there any way you can upload that track or whatever nice tracks of Radha Naam as mp3? :-D. Share the wealth! hehe. Radhe Radhe!

Anonymous said...


I know what u r talkin about, I think. There used to be many really fantastic songs on the Tirupati website that were about Radha. There used to be thousands of songs, and out of the thousands, maybe 20 were about Radha. They were hidden, but there.
Then they redid their website.

I used to listen to some of them over and over again, for hours on end.

Radhe! Radhe!

Anonymous said...

Jaya Radhe!

I think is a type of dana to create the art and then distribute it to others, in classical Hinduism.

Three types of dana are kanya dana, anna dana, and vidya dana.
So I think that sharing knowledge, like you do, is a type of vidya dana.

It must be a type of dana to do the paintings, a giving in charity.

Appropos to the concept of vidya dana, I have a question for you. Is it nicer to work freelance like you are doing, or would you prefer to be part of a University system again?


Jagat said...

I am just going through the posts and here and there finding unanswered questions. It is pretty late (nearly 3 years!) and I don't know whether anyone pays any attention to this site any more, especially not the older posts.

But anyway...

I prefer to not work. I prefer not to have to make money. I am too lazy to be a university professor. I am lacking too many good qualities. So I just spill the beans on whatever discoveries I make.

Right now I am hoping to collect the best articles that I have written and put them into book format. This is because no one really takes a blog seriously, do they? And I think that I have some serious things to say.