Radha Shyama nama

Radhe out, Shyama in. That is all.

Actually, all such sexual meditations are dependent on a certain amount of built capacity to resist orgasm. If either partner has an orgasm, this results in a break in the meditation and thus a decrease in the pleasure.

Krishna enters the kunja where Radha awaits. Radha chants Shyama. Then Radha rushes forth to greet Krishna. Krishna chants Radhe.

Start slowly, meditating on the picture of Radha meeting Krisha in the kunja. Feel their bhava. Witness the union of the Divine Couple after you and your manjari companion have achieved the goal of your service and brought them together after a long separation. Feel the sights and sounds, smell the fragrances of their sacred bower.

Gradually build up until the chanting of Radha and Shyama's names becomes a all-encompassing explosion absorption in the sound and all else but the names are erased from the consciousness. Continue until exhausted. Then slow down and start again. Or, simply return to the eighteen-syllable mantra or kama-gayatri.

This exercise is admittedly a bit rajasika, but it is very powerful in rapidly clearing the mind and heart by total absorption in the Holy Name. It thus leaves one calm and ready for the vision of the Divine Couple in the kunja and for manjari-seva.

It solidifies the association of the pleasure of union with the Divine Name. Later, in meditation on the Holy Name, one is left with just the vibration of the joy of Radha and Krishna's loving union permeating the sounds of Radhe Shyam. One will be free of any gross sexual desire.

This exercise imprints the forms of the Divine Couple on the mind and soul like no other.

Backdated from 2009.


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