VMA 1.77 : I bow down to those who serve the residents of Vrindavan

Students studying the Bhagavatam in Vrindavan
rādhā-kṛṣṇau parama-ṛṇinau kurvataḥ sarvataḥ śrī-
viṣṇor dhāmnaḥ sphurad-atimahānanda-vṛndāvana-sthān |
jantūn hantuṁ viracita-kṛtīn apy uru-prema-bhājo
dānair mānair ahaha bhajato dhanya-dhanyān namāmaḥ ||
To the supremely fortunate persons
who live in Vrindavan, which reveals a greater bliss
than anything found in Lord Visnu's abode,
making Radha and Krishna deeply indebted to them,
who show great love even towards those
who have engaged in actions to kill living creatures,
and – ah ! ah ! – worship them
by showing them honor and giving gifts,
       we offer our respectful obeisances.

This verse is a bit of a problem in the third line where the words hantum viracita-kṛtīn "engaged in actions to kill" are found. Previous translations have just avoided this. For example:
To the supremely fortunate, pious and affectionate persons who live in Vrindavan, which is more blissful than Lord Vishnu's abode, and who, worshiping them with prayers and gifts, make Radha and Krishna deeply indebted to them, we offer our respectful obeisances. (1.77)
Here a further problem is that all the words are in the accusative plural, so  it is not clear which of the adjectives modify the jantūn who are being killed and which modify those to whom we offer our respectful obeisances. It seems rather unlikely that those killing creatures living in Vrindavan would make Radha and Krishna indebted to them, nor that one would worship such people with prayers and gifts. It is possible that there is an alternative reading, but in neither of the editions available to me is there anything that resolves my problem here. 

Prabodhananda Saraswatipada occasionally makes statements about the residents of Braj, that even though engaged in sinful actions should be considered the objects of veneration, but this statement seems to go too far even for him. So I believe it better to refrain from commenting until I have either found more information about the reading, or found an insight into the intent of this verse.

At any rate, the overall intent is clear in the context of the preceding verses. Prabodhananda pays obeisances to those who serve the devotees in the Dham, as he has been advising in the previous verses. The Vaishnava ideal is to be the servant of the servant, and those who reside in the Dham are exalted, even if to one's external vision they appear to be sinful. This is probably the hardest tattva to understand. But should we be able to eliminate the difficult words from this verse, then the verse becomes more agreeable. I am keeping my eye out for alternative readings. For the time being I am publishing despite my dissatisfaction with my understanding of the verse.

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Prem Prakash said…
These dual posts of yours and Gadadhara Pran Das are wonderful.

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