Priti Samdarbha 7 0 : Seeing Bhagavan With a Pure Heart is Liberation

An overview of the subjects covered in Anuccheda 7.

7.1 Two kinds of sākṣāṭkāra: Pureness of Heart is the First Qualification
7.2 Pureness of heart is not the only qualification
7.3 The senses must be imbued with the internal potency
7.4 The heart must be pure for the internal potency to manifest
7.5 Sākṣātkārābhāsa
7.6 Two kinds of mental impurity related to Bhagavān
7.7 The devotees' relation to material things
7.8 The Līlā-śakti sometimes creates difficult circumstances for the devotee
7.9 Sometimes a pure devotee appears to be overcome by Māyā 4
7.10 Kr̥ṣṇa's enemies are of two kinds. 5
7.11 Only pure souls can have a direct vision of Bhagavān, that is called mukti 6

sa tat-kara-sparśa-dhutākhilāśubhaḥ
sapady abhivyakta-parātma-darśanaḥ
tat-pāda-padmaṁ hṛdi nirvṛto dadhau
hṛṣyat-tanuḥ klinna-hṛd-aśru-locanaḥ || [bhā.pu. 7.9.6]

All the sins of Prahlāda were dispelled by the touch of Bhagavān’s hand, and the direct realization of the supreme Brahman was revealed to him immediately. Being happy, he took Bhagavān’s lotus feet in his heart with his hairs standing on end out of joy, heart being soft and eyes full of tears.


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