Monday, July 20, 2009

Thanks to you, my readers

And I would like to add, my friends, that you rare bhaktas who are reading my words, are my life and soul. This is my sankirtan.


Z T said...

And we love you too!
Just flow, just flow. What else we can tell that you already don't know?

Sakhicharan Das said...

Thank you Jagat! Your blog is great! I really appreciate you sharing your vast knowledge and insights.

Anonymous said...

I agree, this is the only place on the internet or even on Earth planet that I know of where you can read all of these translations and original text plus read input comparing and contrasting it with different sacred texts.

I'm sure Srimati Radhika is noting all of your jnana dana in her daily Performance Evaluations of you, as part of her job description as Headmistress of School of the Gopis...or is it Chancellor of the University of Gopis? I forget...

Also in regards to criticism about your distributing R&K in the form of sacred texts, ~ I read that one satguru said, whenever we are doing something great, expect there to be criticism.

He felt that most people do not expect there to be criticism whenever they do something good, therefore they become shocked.

However, he used to expect it and would even use the criticism as a measure of how much good he must be doing for the cause by noting the reactions of others with $$$ vested interests, who would lose their power and positions in Martya Loka if there was a break in form with the status quo.

Jaya Sri Radhe!

Jagat said...

I just posted a quote from GPVJ on Facebook, "Listen attentively to the pastimes of Gopala, everyone. Every last drop of nectar that spills from Radha and Krishna will be given you. Kavishekhara says, “O intelligent ones, know that by laughing and laughing, you will attain the supreme knowledge.” (42.37-38)

Then I commented on that: You see, this is important. Hasya and Shringar are partners. And Krishna is a dhira-lalita nayaka, who is expert in flirting and joking (parihAsa-vishArada). In this temporary world so full of misery, we will be liberated by love and laughter. That is the Hare Krishna movement.

Chant, dance and be happy. And hear and chant the pastimes of Radha and Krishna. paibe sakala sukha, saphala hoibe mukha, TuTae saMsAra dukha-bethA. "[If you speak Hari katha] You will attain all joy, your power of speech will be fulfilled and your worldly sufferings will all come to an end."

It might sound overly simple, but this is not a religion of guilt and suffering (tApa or tapas).

Radhe Radhe!!

Jagat said...

Thanks for your support and love.

Anonymous said...

Ramamanda Raya met Chaitanya by bank of a river. C asked RR, "Oh all types of suffering, what type of suffering is the greatest?"

RR replied, [paraphrased], "I have no suffering, because on the soul level, the soul is saccidananda, always happy. The only suffering I find is to be separated from..."