Here they say silence
is the closest thing to God.

I heard this one yesterday:
"If Krishna is Brahma, then Radha is silence."
I thought about it a bit and decided
there is some logic to it.

But where you are concerned,
your silence means an absence, not a presence.

Only in that convoluted Buddhist way of thinking,
where the negative is a logical category
like mathematical zero,
and therefore has a sort of existence,
can it be thought of otherwise.

We have heard of Vaishnavas who,
in their obsession with separation,
and with presence in absence,
also think of it otherwise.

But this too is a flailing grasp
at mathematically proving something
for which faith and a sense of presence
have been lost.

Your absence is an absence,
no matter how mesmerizing the mirage.
Krishna's absence was an absence for the gopis,
and not a substitute for
being with him,


Anonymous said…
The absence
is fullness I

At Nilacala’s gambhira,
Sri Krsna Caitanya Mahaprabhu’s rasa asvadhana
centers around the padavali
of Jayadeva,
Candidasa and

As Svarupa Damodara sings such padas,
Prabhu becomes transported in bhava
to relish
Sri Krsna’s rupa, rasa and lila –
just as virahini Radha does
in Lalita and Visakha’s company.
anadi said…
The absence
is fullness II

In absence
In separation
In the same way
In Navadvipa
in Sri Gauranga’s private bedroom chamber
Srimati Vishnupriya relishes the topics of
Gauranga’s rupa, rasa and lila
from the mahajana padavali
sung by her closest sakhis,
Kanchana and Amita.
Anonymous said…
What are Swami Vedas thoughts about Radha Krishna and all that?

Also, I started reading Swami Rama's, "Enlightenment without God"..some hard line Vedanta, no doubt, here's an online link:

I think Swami Rama says some good things about organized religion, dogma, doctrine and all that.


Anonymous said…
See if this link works better:


advaitadas said…
Jagat, you asked for corrections of the GGM - IN the Krishna Lila stava, 3rd verse, 3rd pankti, I think the word adavaita should be advaita.
anadi said…
Under the link below one can see a 14 minutes video about Jagadananda reading (and commenting) on Gauranga Vishnupria Trilogy part two:
Anonymous said…
Jagat the ALfred E. Newman look suits you quite well - "me worry?"
Anonymous said…
Under the link below one can read more on a discussion with the one of the most learned Gaudiya Vaishnavas - Neldelmonico - Nitaidas on the controversial topic - Madhura lila of Gauranga Vishnupriya.
Anonymous said…
I was reading over at the proboards Anadi's posting of GP's translation of Amiya Nimai Carita. Actually, says Anadi, GP's presentation is "based" on ANC. So, if GP's is not strictly a translation but rather his colorful interpretation of the text, well then, it's just his own grasp on (or grab of) the lila, an act to which, of course, he is entitled.

But..., as someone who does not know Bengali but feel fairly comfortable with English, I am betting that a great deal of the intended mood of the original text is being hijacked by Gadadhar's painfully out-of-touch English. Who in the entire English reading world has heard of "Aho!"? And then, after being acquainted with such bizarreness, who among us want it a second time? Gadadhar, thats who. And Gadadhar wants other bizarrenesses such Vishnupriya's anatomy allowing for her husband's feet to be upon her breasts while she kisses those feet. Now, a girl with such proportions would be rather featured on Ripley's Believe It Or Not and relatedly famous, while her separation sensations would be clearly crushed for life. Are voluptuous boobs a fetish in Vedic fantasies as they are in American's? Could it be that another link connecting Bengal and the US is this male longing for oversized food servings as well as oversized boobs? And if the original Bengali taste is indeed like the American, still, how will Gaudiya Vaisnavavism spread in the world without clashing with the different male tastes for females proportions around the world? In china, for example, a Visnupriya doted with GP's choice of breast size would topple over at every step: Chinese males like their girls sporting very tiny feet. Or, in Brazil, where men favor big females butties, big breasts look better on feeding mammas. If Dolly Parton made as much as one landing in Brazilian territory, her best first bet would be to head straight to a cosmetic surgery clinic where the experts in the land would take great amounts from the top and graft that to the bottom. Then, at the sight of the results, the pleased males may marvel, "Delicious!", to which GP would translate, "Aho!"
Anonymous said…
Here's a good link for some of Osho's talks:
Anonymous said…
I guess I put that link to the Osho talks in the wrong place, I will place in the appropriate place and you can delete both of these Jagat..


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