Nayanananda on Mahaprabhu

From the poet Nayanananda--

cāri veda ṣaṭ daraśana paṛiyāche
se jadi gauranga nahi bhaje
kiba tāra adhyayana locana-vihīna jena
darapaṇe andhe kibā kāje?

Someone who studies the four Vedas and the six philosophical systems, but does not worship Lord Gauranga, has wasted his time in study. Of what use is a mirror to a blind man?

veda vidyā dui kichui nā jānata
se jadi gaurāṅga jāne sār
nayanānanda bhaṇe sei se sakali jāne
sarva siddhi karatale tār

Whereas one who has no knowledge of the Veda or any other matter, if he knows just this, that Gauranga is the essence of all things, says Nayanananda, he knows everything that needs to be known, and all perfections are within his grasp.


Exquisite! Thank you a million times!

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