Priti Sandarbha 7.2 : It takes more than purity of heart to see God

7.2 Pureness of Heart Is Not the Only Qualification Needed

na kevalaṁ śuddha-cittatvam eva yogyatā | kiṁ tarhi ? tad-bhakti-viśeṣāviṣkṛta-tad-icchāmaya-tadīya-sva-prakāśatā-śakti-prakāśa eva mūla-rūpā sā, yat-prakāśena tad api niḥśeṣaṁ sidhyati |

But it is not only purity of heart that makes one eligibible for Bhagavat-sākṣātkāra. Then what is? Indeed, the very root of eligibility is the manifestation of Bhagavān's power of self-revelation, which is in the form of His will and made to appear by the loving devotion to Him. By its manifestation complete purity of the heart is also achieved. This is shown in the case of internal realization by the following statement,

yathā antaḥ-sākṣātkāre—
bhidyate hṛdaya-granthiś chidyante sarva-saṁśayāḥ
kṣīyante cāsya karmāṇi dṛṣṭa evātmanīśvare

"As soon as one sees God in one’s heart, the knot of the heart is cut asunder, all doubts are dispelled and one’s karma is burnt" (SB 1.2.21).

tathā bahiḥ-sākṣātkāre’pi śrī-saṅkarṣaṇaṁ prati citraketu-vākye—

Similarly it happens in the external realization also as is seen in the words of King Citraketu spoken to Śrī Saṅkarṣaṇa:

na hi bhagavann aghaṭitam idaṁ
tvad-darśanān nṝṇām akhila-pāpa-kṣayaḥ.
yan-nāma sakṛc chravaṇāt
pukkaśo’pi vimucyate saṁsārāt

It is not surprising, O Bhagavān, that all the sins of men are destroyed by having a vision of You, for even an outcaste is freed from bondage to the material world simply by hearing Your name just once. (SB 6.16.44) (Cf. BhaktiS *150, *249)

[Chapter 6.16: The dead baby speaks. The cowives who plotted to kill him feel remorse. Chitraketu renounces. Narada instructs in Brahma and Bhagavaj-jnana. (28) Chitraketu becomes the king of the Gandharvas and then goes to Sankarshan where he gets darshan and offers prayers. (34-48)

yad-aṁśa-viddhāḥ pracaranti karmasu |
naivānyadā lauham ivāprataptaṁ
sthāneṣu tad draṣṭr-apadeśam eti ||

As iron has the power to burn when made red-hot in the association of fire, so the body, senses, living force, mind and intelligence, although merely lumps of matter, can perform their functions when infused with his conscious parts. As iron cannot burn unless heated by fire, the bodily senses cannot act unless favored by the Supreme Brahman. (6.16.24)

Being infused with whose portion the body, senses, life air, mind and intelligence perform their work.

Verse 34 quoted in PritiS 66 where mutual bond is spoken of.

ajita jitaḥ sama-matibhiḥ / sādhubhir bhavān jitātmabhir bhavatā |
vijitās te’pi ca bhajatām / akāmātmanāṁ ya ātmado’tikaruṇaḥ ||

O invincible Bhagavān, when You spoke this irreproachable bhāgavata-dharma, You conquered over all, but You Yourself are conquered by those who have achieved control over their own senses. You are most compassionate and so You give Yourself to those who worship You without any desire. (SB 6.16.34) BhaktiS 120*

prahlādaṁ prati śrī-nṛsiṁha-vākye—

mām aprīṇata āyuṣman darśanaṁ durlabhaṁ hi me
dṛṣṭvā māṁ na punar jantur ātmānaṁ taptum arhati

And in the words of Bhagavān Nṛsiṁha to Prahlāda:

O child, may you be blessed with long life! It is very difficult for one who does not love Me to see Me, for after seeing Me just once, a creature should never suffer again [from unfulfilled desires]. (SB 7.9.53)

śrī-bhagavantaṁ prati śrutadeva-vākye ca——

sa tvaṁ śādhi sva-bhṛtyān naḥ kiṁ deva karavāma te
etad-anto nṛṇāṁ kleśo yad bhavān akṣi-gocaraḥ

And also in the words of King Śrutadeva to Bhagavān Kṛṣṇa:

O Deva, please instruct us, Your servants, in what we should do for You. When you appear in front of the eyes of human beings their troubles meet an end. (SB 10.86.49)

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Prem Prakash said…
Good thing it takes more than purity of heart. Without kripa, there'd be no hope for schlubs like me and most of the bhaktas I know.

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