Fantastic investment property beside the Ganga in Mayapur

Sridham Mayapur, the birthplace of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, is quickly becoming the preeminent place of tourism and pilgrimage in West Bengal, visited each year by millions of people from all over the world.

This four bigha (1 and 1/3 acre) plot sits right on the bank of the Ganga within sight (only a few hundred meters) of Mayapur’s main attraction, ISKCON’s world headquarters and Temple of the Vedic Planetarium, which is now nearing completion.

1) For developers, this land could be turned into a multi-star hotel and spa. The view over the Ganges is exceptional here and the cooling breezes coming from the river assure an exhilarating environment in all seasons. Most of the surrounding properties are also nicely wooded, giving the flavor of being far from the madding crowd even though only within a short walking distance of the ferry ghat to Nabadwip and most of the ashrams and temples in Mayapur.

Only two hours from Kolkata, which is also accessible by steamer, there is no doubt that this property has commercial potential unique in the whole of West Bengal.

2) The prestigious location in the Ishodyan area of Mayapur is probably the most envied address for all Gaudiya Vaishnavas, or indeed any other spiritual organization. Far-sighted devotees will recognize this as a unequaled site for what could be a wonderful ashram comfortably providing living quarters for up to 150 sadhakas, including room for a temple, gardens and bathing ghatas right on the holy Ganga.

3) It would also be wonderful if ecologically-minded people who desire to preserve the natural heritage of the Holy Dham could turn this into a park or sanctuary for everyone to enjoy. It would form a part of a green chain along the Ganga shore that goes all the way to the confluence with the Jalangi, and would preserve the natural and verdant appearance of the shoreline.

4) And, of course, it would make a most marvelous personal residence for a private citizen.

The property has access to the main road. The access road was built when the W.B. Government invested in protecting the Ganga banks from collapsing. In the picture above, you can see where they have solidified the bank with stones and sandbags. It appears that the Gov’t is serious about maintaining the current contours of the river as the Ishodyan and Mayapur Ghat areas become more and more developed.

The location of the land is circled in blue line. The price demanded is the present going rate for land in Ishodyan. Asking price is the equivalent of US$ 490,000 or best reasonable offer.

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Anonymous said…
almost half a million us dollars? how did property get that expensive in mayapur? is it because of iskcon?

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