Not very mixed feelings

I changed the layout settings. The template was supposed to be the same one as before, but it has changed considerably. So I have changed templates entirely rather than putz around. I may change several times over the next few days until I find one I like.

Anyway, I added a poll on the Bhagavatam chapters, but it is way down at the bottom of the page. Can't put it at the top? We'll have a look.


Vraja said…
You must have done something wrong, I just tried your old template on a practice blog I use to test templates, it works fine see it at
Vraja said…
You should be able to move the poll around. Go to Layout, then Page elements, then you can drag the poll where you want it to appear on your blog.
Jagadananda Das said…
The old template looks different. The line spacing, the layout on the left side of the page.

I also tried dragging the poll to the top of the page, but nothing happened.

Anyway, I have lost enough time on this today.
Satya devi dasi said…
I knew there was something familiar about your new template. It's the same as Advaita's! LOL You can move the poll up in your layout>page elements section when you login to Blogger. Radhe Radhe!

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