Videos from last Karttik (Munger temple, Vrindavan)

These videos were shared by Kryszna Kirtan who taped them on November 17, 2013.


Losif said…
That's why I keep checking this blog obsessively. A lot of thoughts for you but I don't have the time, the timing and patience to write anymore. Watching the videos now while I lift weights a little. I still got it. Pray for me.

Losif said…
Jagat there were 4 videos of you on that youtube channel. Now I see one has been removed and its just the 3. But I had already downloaded them all. You make me feel like a rich man. There is so little for me on the internet these days. Anyway that video wasn't too bad. You should put it back up some day when you have a lot more videos and you can put it in a better context. You look very happy and full of life energy in these videos. These three are perfect. You know I am going to probably brag about knowing you some time? See if you can make the some a little better. A good microphone more near to you. Or if you are just going to do another video with this set-up, then cover the exposed brick walls of the room with thick cloth or something so we don't get that sharp echo. It makes it slightly difficult to understand your words sometimes. But the brick wall background behind you is beautiful when filmed. And the costume and everything is wonderful. And you totally got the 1970s professor thing going on. I grew up in a college town. Can you make a video where you do English, French, Sanskrit and Bengali? And do some history of our religion some more being totally into it but at the same time inquisitive and open minded saying "hagiography" a bunch of times? That is really cool. And then a scene where you walk to the corner store in your Brahmin underwear thing or whatever it is. I am remembering correctly that you said you can do that there? You know you do have charisma on these videos and you could probably do your Sanskrit and other teaching online.

Jagadananda Das said…
Ah Darwin... :)

Everything that happens in my life comes about by the mercy of others.
Kryszna Kirtan said…

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