Notes from Bhagavat-sandarbha

I fell behind with the Bhagavat-sandarbha and that is not good for anyone. So I am working hard on it now. I was rather astonished just now, when googling Bhagavat-sandarbha, I found that this blog was at the very top of the list. I don't know what that means, but I guess that it is time to supply those Bhagavat-sandarbha hungry people out there with a few more crumbs.

Here in this ashram there is a lot of talk about nirvikalpa and savikalpa samadhis, also known as asamprajnata and samprajnata samadhis. SN nicely provides a way of turning this on its head by identifying nirvikalpaka and savikalpaka pratyaksha from Nyaya. SN translates these as "indeterminate'' and "determinate" perception or knowledge.

At the very beginning of perception one obtains indeterminate knowledge in the form of mere observation. It is like the cognition of an infant or the dumb, arising purely out of the object without any distinction of quality and qualified. (Sloka-vartika of Kumarila Bhatta 4.112)

What is interesting is that the same terms are used, but in such a way that sa-vikalpa, i.e., recognizing the characteristics of the object, results in fuller knowledge of the thing, which is straightforward enough. The yogis and jnanis who seek nirvikalpa realization are in fact disowning the very specificity of the Absolute Truth, since they believe direct knowledge of the Supreme can only be had through negation. (Commentary to Section 1.3 of Bhagavat-sandarbha by SN).


More shall have to wait. I am out the door and on my way to Gauda Desh. And so I leave you, friends, with this Ray Shekhar pada--

মধুর মধুর গৌর কিশোর, মধুর মধুর নাট
মধুর মধুর সব সহচর, মধুর মধুর হাট ।
মধুর মধুর মৃদঙ্গ বাজত, মধুর মধুর তান
মধুর রসেতে মাতল বকত, গাওত মধুর গান ।
মধুর হেলন মধুর দোলন, মধুর মধুর গতি
মধুর মধুর বদন সুন্দর, মধুর মধুর ভাতি ।
মধুর অধর জিনি শশধর মধুর মধুর হাস
মধুর আরতি মধুর পিরীতি মধুর মধুর ভাষ ।
মধুর যুগল নয়ন রাতুল মধুর ইঙ্গিতে চায়
মধুর প্রেমের মধুর বাদল, বঞ্চিত শেখর রায় ।।

Madhura madhura is Gaura Kishora,
madhura madhura his dance,
Madhura madhura are all his companions,
madhura their joyful fair.

Madhura madhura plays the mridanga,
sweet are the sounds that they pull
The devotees are drunk with sweet madhura rasa,
madhura are their melodies.

Madhura madhura are the waves of Gaura's movement,
Madhura madhura his gait,
Madhura madhura is his beautiful visage,
sweet his effulgence bright.

Madhura madhura are his lips, brighter
than the moon his madhura smile,
Madhura is his anxious mood, madhura his love,
and ever sweet his madhura speech.

Madhura madhura are his aruna eyes,
giving sweet hints as he looks,
Oh that cloud of sweet prema has rained,
but I have been left high and dry.


Anonymous said…
So one of these days you are supposed to be staying with your gurubhai Gadadhara Prana in Mayapur.
We are all very curious how this get together will be like and the ideas that will be exchanged. Apart from being gurubhais, superficially at least there seem to be more similarities between you both.... excommunicated loners, sentimental and friendly personalities.
Nonetheless I also see differences.

I met Gadadhara Prana and I have to say I find him to be a friendly and colourful personality. He didn't tried to downplay my Gaudiya Math connection, at least not directly, and was welcoming. His sentimental approach was a bridge to far for me and he naturally blamed it on my Gaudiya Math prejudism. I do not agree. He is talking about things that are beyond anything I can reasonably check. Therefor I am not convinced. But I left in the middle if his appraoch is a possible one. It is true for him and that is most important. First of all... I came to see him and not the other way around. Who am I to judge ?
He is an extravagant artist, you are an unusual scientist. Very interesting !
Can you share some anecdotes of the coming days on your blog?
Jagadananda Das said…
I have not had much opportunity to use the computer, what to speak of the internet since I have been here. But I will certainly try to write something and post it in the coming days.

Gadadhar and I certainly have many things in common, as well as many differences. But one common thing that I see is that we have both pursued our own paths very intensely and with a great deal of determination, and we both feel we have made important discoveries about our chosen spiritual path. I think we both also believe that our discoveries are worthy of sharing with others.
Thug4thward said…
Dear Jagat,
Dandavat pranam
I have been reading your blog and was wondering if you know of any Lila smaranam pratices for people who have not received siddha pranali. It's that im not capable of travelling to india or anywhere else for that matter to seek out a Guru to help me, so if you know any pratices please do share, my email is :

Thanks, keep up the great work.
Anonymous said…
I would, if you have the time, really like you to comment on Madhavanandas interesting article on his blog Vraja Journal called "Exclusive devotion".

It actually makes sense rationally and we have discussed this before. The only thing that keeps me from following him is that I find Buddhism boring and I am attached to the idea of an eternal loving Lila.

Can you help me place it in perspective? Why can't these two views be harmonized ?
Anonymous said…
Pranams ~

THANKS!!!! for posting the info about savi-kalpa samadhi.

Anything more you learn about it, I will be extremely interested to learn more also. Thanks!!!

Thanks and good luck to you on the path.

"When the soul gradually reduces and then stops altogether its participation in darkness and inauspicious powers, the Friend of the World, God, reveals to the soul the limitless character of its knowledge and activity" --
Mrigendra Agama Jnana Pada
5.A1.MA, 138

"That which appears as cold or as hot, fresh or spoiled, good fortune and bad, love and hate, effort and laziness, the exalted and the depraved, the rich and the poor, the well-founded and the ill-founded, all this is God Himslef: none other than Him can we know."
--Ajita AG 2.10-2.13. MA, 94

Aum Saravanabhava

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