naivākṣi-lagnaṁ dayitaṁ vilokase
chāyāṁ nijāmanya-janīṁ ca manyase |
sarvatra candrāvalikāṁ viśaṅkase
citraṁ tavedaṁ praṇayākhya-nartanam ||
Kundalata says, “Sakhi Radhe! You cannot recognize your prāna-priyatama even when he is right before your eyes, and you mistake your own shadow for someone else! You suspect Chandravali's presence everywhere. This dance of yours known as praṇaya is truly amazing! (GLA 14.26)
Even though the word praṇaya seems to be being used as a technical term, the prema-vaicittya circumstances do not fit the definition as given in Ujjvala-nīlamaṇi, which surprises me a little, as Krishnadas was thoroughly familiar with UN. Praṇaya is, as noted in a recent post, the state of love imbued with trust or viśrambha. Viśrambha is defined by Jiva as "a sense of oneness with the beloved" (abheda-mananam), while Vishwanath defines it as belief (viśvasa) without fear (sambhrama).


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