Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Saranagati Verses from the Padma Purana.

Some nice saranagati verses from the Padma Purana.

I have a friend, who now keeps himself at a distance from me, who says with unfailing consistency that he is not a devotee, even though to me, he proves his single-minded devotion to Radha despite his neglect of external forms. His decision to give up my company is perhaps because I do not surrender sufficiently to the Atma, the Soul of my soul. Which I guess was my reproach to him, also. What can be a greater source of pain that to reject the voice of your soul's Soul--and to do so consistently, protesting weakness? This friend says, "I will just suffer in this life, O Radhe. I cannot do what you ask of me. All I ask is that you give me the appropriate body, senses and association in my next life that I can become your devotee." If only surrender would be made easier "next time."

It looks easy when we sing the gopis' glories. They abandoned everything for Krishna. Was it easy? It looks easy, but if it were, then how would their spirit of surrender have the power to amaze even Krishna? Krishna says, "It is not easy. I did not make it easy. At least, it does not LOOK easy. But when the mists of maya recede, then what could be easier than fleeing toward the Soul of your soul?"

Anyway, here are the verses that make it look easy, the promises of great rewards for baby steps:

sakRd AvAM prapanno yas tyaktopAya upAsate |
gopI-bhAvena deveza sa mAm eti na cetaraH ||
sakRd AvAM prapanno vA mat-priyAm ekikAm uta |
sevate’nanya-bhAvena sa mAm eti na saMzayaH ||
yo mAm eva prapannaz ca mat-priyAM na mahezvara |
na kadApi sa cApnoti mAm evaM te mayoditam ||
sakRd eva prapanno yas tavAsmIti vaded api |
sAdhanena vinApy eva mAm Apnoti na saMzayaH ||

One who just once surrenders to Us (the Divine Couple), giving up all other hopes, and worships me, will attain me in the mood of a gopi. One who takes shleter of my beloved Radha alone, even once, and serves her with single-minded devotion, undoubtedly attains me. One who surrenders to me, O Mahadeva, but not to my beloved Radha, will never attain me. This is my position. One who takes shelter of us, even once, and says "I am yours," will undoubtedly attain me, even without any other spiritual practices. [pa.pu. 5.82.82-85]

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